Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Boy room mini makeover

I have a mini room makeover to share today! And it's one I did for my son, and he LOVES how it turned out!
Here is the BEFORE (below). It's not bad to begin with, but I wanted to add some things to wall and a shelf in the desk area.

On the wall to the left I added a magnet board for hanging art work and school papers. I decided on a magnet board rather than a cork board because with a cork board I thought I'd find thumb tacks all over the room, which I DID NOT WANT!!
So a magnet board was the solution!

I also added this shelf using a 1x6 board that was painted black and sanded around the edges, and then I put dark walnut stain on and wiped it off. I finished the shelf by putting one coat of polyurethane on it.
I got the black metal brackets from LOWES. I like this little shelf and how it allows my son to display his favorite things!
I added these little metal buckets I got from IKEA for only 50 cents each! What a steal!!!
 I was happy to find them, so that some organization could take and help this little desk not get so cluttered. So far it has helped a TON!
The shelf and buckets were really cheap and made this little makeover more organized for my little guy! Loving it!
And the AFTER!
I hand painted the 'pray big' sign and bought the metal letters at Hobby Lobby that I just attached to a 1x6 board that was stained using minwax dark walnut stain. The picture we had laying around along with the barn wood frame, so I added that to the d├ęcor collage.

I'm really liking how it all came together, and he does too! The best part ever, right???
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Close to my Heart October featured PAPER PACK

For October here is the featured paper pack. Isn't it so fun?!?!
Berry Christmas paper pack

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Happy crafting!

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Monday Ramblings #8

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

Wow it's October, can you believe it???
Today what I want to ramble about is Trick or Treating, to do it or not.
Do you take your kids out or not?
I have always taken my kids out Trick or Treating, but only to people we know. And actually we live in an area that not a lot of people Trick or Treat, so my kids get TONS of candy! I mean TONS! And my kids are so kind to share with mom and dad. Can you believe that! They let us pick out all our favorite chocolate bars, and we in turn end up with an entire gallon bag full!
I try and put some in the freezer that way it will last for months (and hopefully we'll forget about it and not eat so much).
We also attend a church event around Halloween and my kids get even more candy there!
So far with my kiddos I have felt safe about Trick or Treating and they really enjoy it, so as of now it's something we'll continue to do!
I hope you all are having fun helping your kiddos decide what to dress up as for Halloween, and be safe out there when you go Trick or Treating!