Saturday, April 21, 2018

Using Iron On Vinyl

Hi guys! I've been trying out iron on vinyl, and I want to share it with you! 
First I started by ironing my shirt on top of a hard surface. I used my counter. It's important to use a hard, stable surface such as a counter. Tables and ironing boards for example can move and allow you to not get a good heat bond between your vinyl and shirt.

I used a onesie this time!

Next I peeled the negative space away from the image I wanted to iron on.

And this is what I was left with. It's in reverse (a mirrored image), but will iron on correctly.

Next I placed a plain pillow case over my image in pressed with my iron for 15 seconds. I did this two times.
My iron was set to NO STEAM and the heat dial was set in between cotton and wool.
When pressing down, it is a pressing motion, not an ironing motion. There is no ironing motion used. This is very important to note.

Here is my image after the heat was applied. I removed the carrier sheet which is clear in color.
Finished front of the onesie.
And I repeated on the back of my onesie too!
I made this onesie for my babe to wear at a Close to my Heart event. The team I am on is called,  'creative crew'.
I LOVE how this onesie turned out!!!
Items used:
Heat transfer vinyl
Pillow case
Items to note:
Use a counter for the heat transfer.
Use a pillow case (cloth) between the vinyl and iron when applying the vinyl to your shirt.
Iron setting needs to be between cotton & wool.
Iron need to be set to NO STEAM.
Press the iron down, apply presser in a pressing motion.
Do not use an ironing motion.
Apply heat (your iron) in 15 second intervals.
Wash shirt inside out & hang to dry to prevent the vinyl from peeling off the shirt.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!


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