Monday, February 13, 2017

My Monday Ramblings #2

Hi guys!
Last time I chatted with you I mentioned my new grocery budget for the new year. Well it's been 6 weeks of grocery shopping and meal planning for me, and I'm happy to say it's been working out great!
As mentioned last time I said I'd share some of my dinner menus with you, so here goes!
Week 1 dinner menu:
Monday- Biscuits and gravy
Tuesday- Chicken taquitos
Wednesday- Ham and green bean casserole
Thursday- Pizza
Friday- Left overs
Saturday- Chicken stir fry
Sunday- Hay stacks
Week 2 dinner menu:
Monday- Hamburgers and sweet potato fries
Tuesday- Chicken green salsa burritos
Wednesday- Left overs
Thursday- Breakfast
Friday- Tacos
Saturday- Biscuits and gravy
Sunday- Left overs
Week 3 dinner menu:
Monday- Tater tot casserole
Tuesday- Eggs, bacon, and pancakes
Wednesday- Grilled cheese
Thursday- Ranch bread crumb chicken with veggies
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Date night (kids mac n' cheese)
Sunday- Taco salads
Week 4 dinner menu:
Monday- breakfast burritos
Tuesday- Chicken taquitos
Wednesday- Biscuits and gravy
Thursday- Meatballs, rice, and veggies
Friday- Indian tacos
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Eggs, bacon, and toast
Week 5 dinner menu:
Monday- Pizza
Tuesday- Eggs and bacon
Wednesday- Date night (kids mac n' cheese)
Thursday- Beef enchiladas
Friday- Ham breakfast casserole
Saturday- Chili nachos
Sunday- Pizza
Week 6 dinner menu:
Monday- Sloppy joes
Tuesday- Family date night
Wednesday- Taco soup with tortilla chips
Thursday- Chicken teriyaki bowls
Friday- Left overs
Saturday- Pizza
Sunday- Chicken and veggies
What do you think of menu planning? Do you make one, not make one, sometimes use one?
When I'm planning my menu for the week I check my freezer and cupboards to see what I have that I don't have to buy or what I need to use before items expire. This helps me use what I have and saves me on my grocery budget because I won't buy things I already have. Win-win right?! I think so! :)
I'd have to say I've been enjoying menu planning and it totally works for my family!
Happy Monday!

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