Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jelly Roll Polka Dot Baby Boy Quilt-A finished quilt

Hi guys!
Today I'm sharing with you a finished quilt! WOOHOO!!!
I decided I wanted to make my friend a quilt for the baby boy she is expecting soon.
To make this quilt I used a jelly roll by Michael Miller fabrics, but not all of the strips. There were some colors that I didn't want to include in the quilt, so I removed 8 strips from the jelly roll.
Above is a picture of the quilt in the basting stage. I spray basted this quilt using 505 spray, and I also pinned the quilt. I have found the combination of spray basing with pin basting to work well for me.


Getting ready to I have 3 bobbins wound and ready. I thought I'd only need 3 bobbins, but I was WRONG! I actually used 5 bobbins to quilt this baby quilt.

Quilting in process.....
Trimming the quilt......

Attaching the binding....

The finished quilt! I spiral quilted this quilt and I LOVE how it turned out! Sure there are some mistakes, but overall it turned out great!

For the backing fabric I used a flannel train print from JoAnns. The green binding fabric is from JoAnns too!

Tied up with a fabric bow ready for gift giving! I love wrapping quilts this way. :)

My gifts all ready to go for the momma to be!
Finished: 39x54 1/2 inches
Fabric: Jelly Roll by Michael Miller Fabrics, Flannel train backing fabric and green binding fabric from JoAnns.
Quilted: Quilted by ME! I quilted this in a spiral pattern.
Happy sewing!


  1. I love your quilt, it's so happy. The quilting looks great as does the wrapping. Very cute.

    1. Thank you so much. I love using fabric to tie the quilts up with!

  2. What a darling baby quilt! And I love the way you roll the quilts and tie them with a fabric ribbon for gifting. Congratulations!

  3. Wow! You're very talented. What an awesome quilt!

  4. Great quilt - and I love spiral quilting too. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  5. It's so colorful and fun! Perfect for a little one :)


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