Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DIY Freezer Paper Banner

Hi guys!
Today I have a tutorial for you!
If you follow me on Instagram (@dressesandspurs) then you know I threw a baby shower for my friend that is expecting her first boy! So fun right?!
For the baby shower I knew I wanted to make a banner. After all I've made a lot of banners in the past, so I know how cute they are!
Items needed to make a burlap banner:
Jute twine
Craft paint
Paint brush or foam paint brush
Freezer paper
Cricut cutting machine
Ironing board
Newspaper or something to cover your work surface with
I started by cutting my burlap into 5x6 inch rectangles. Next I cut out the saying on freezer paper using my cricut cutting machine.
After the saying was cut I ironed each letter onto a rectangle of burlap ( the shiny side of the freezer paper must be down in order for the freezer paper to stick to the burlap when ironed).
Then I painted in the empty space using craft paint. The cut letters act as stencils for this project.
When painting make sure to cover your work spaces as the craft paint will seep through the back of the burlap/

Once the paint was completely dry I removed the freezer paper from my burlap.
And lastly I added a bit of jute twine to the tops of the rectangles using my hot glue gun. This is allow my banner to be hung up.
You can make banners this same way using fabric too! They turn out just as cute!

Here is a picture of the banner hung up at the baby shower.
Didn't it turn out great?!
Happy crafting all!

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