Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Barn Wood Jewelry Holder DIY

Hi all! 
Today I'm sharing with you a necklace and earring holder I made.  

I already had these frames on hand,  so I just needed to pick up some lace which I stapled to the back of the frames using a staple gun. 
The barn wood came from a pile out back.  

After I added the lace to the frames I added hinges to each frame. I did this so that I can take the backs off my earrings. I LOVE this, LOVE that I did this!  

 I then put some horse shoe nails in the barn wood staggering them.  

Next I hung everything on the wall and hung up my jewelry, and I was DONE!

I really LOVE being able to see what I have so that I'll wear what I have!  :) 

Happy crafting! 

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