Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Quilts Labeled

Hi all! 
Today I'm sharing with you a stack of quilts that need labels.

I've read a lot from other bloggers on why we as quilters should add labels to our quilts. I agree that the quilts I make should have labels on them.  So here's to FINALLY labeling my quilts!  :)

All 8 of these quilts have labels!  Woohoo! It's so nice to be able to cross something off my to-do list! 
How many of you feel the same way I do?

I'm happy to know that when the top 4 baby quilts, and 5th toddler quilt in the stack are gifted that they contain a label. 
The bottom 3 quilts are for my family! :) I sure love making quilts for my family and I don't feel like I do it enough.

To date the quilts my family enjoys are:
1 rustic/cabin quilt (twin)
1 hst bright/white quilt (twin)
1 John Deer chevron hst quilt (twin)
1 flower brick quilt (almost twin)
1 jelly roll race winter quilt (throw)
1 stack n' wacky halloween quilt (throw)
1 strip snowman quilt (kids throw)

And 3 family quilts are in the works (Christmas Star flannel quilt, Vintage Picnic quilt,  Pixilated Heart quilt, all throw sizes).

Once the 3 in the works are finished I'd like to make 2 king quilts for my bed. I already have the fabric (had it for years!) and I'm anxious to make them!  
Happy sewing! 

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