Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mudroom Bench

Hi all! Today I'm sharing with you a mudroom bench I built.

I got the idea and plans for this bench HERE.

This bench was a wayyy simple build! I actually built this one all on my own! My husband was at work and I decided I wanted to build a bench, so I did!

My friend let me borrow her kreg jig which made making the pocket holes super easy and plus all my screws are hidden, which I LOVE!

I used a Minwax dark walnut stain and 2x8 boards from Lowes to make this. My local Lowes was really helpful and cut all my boards for me, so putting this bench together was a breeze!!!
Here is the underside of the bench. The kreg jig is an AWESOME tool that makes pocket holes so that the screws are hidden.
The legs of the bench have a screw holding them together and several screws attaching the leg pieces to the top bench part.

I built this bench to fit these 3 buckets (from Target) underneath. Theses buckets hold all of my kid's helmets, gloves, hats, knee & elbow pads, etc. They are great because my kids can help themselves and I don't have to always get things for them. This makes me one happy momma!

And it turned out perfectly for this spot in my mudroom/laundry room! I love how huge this bench is and everyone in my family can have a seat to kick off their boots!
I especially like that my guests can sit down to take off/put on their shoes.

(metal letters are from Hobby Lobby, white buckets from target, pillow fabric from Joanns (I made this pillow covers), bench wood and stain from Lowes)

I know this bench will hold up for years to come, and why did I wait so long to actually build this?!

Happy crafting!


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    1. Thanks! I love it too! It's nice to have a place to sit down to kick off our boots. :)


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