Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DIY Wood Picture Frames

Hi all!
Today I'm sharing with you some wood frames I made.
My husband helped me with this project and I borrowed a friend's kreg jig.
To make these frames I decided how big of an opening I wanted before I cut each side of the frame.
I started with 1x4's that I got from Lowes. Each frame took one 1x4.
Each side was cut on a 45 degree angle and we used a kreg jig to attach all of the pieces together.

We ended up make 4 frames.
One we used to frame an existing mirror we had (this mirror originally had a cheap plastic frame around it).  The opening is 15.5x19.5 inches for the mirror frame.
I painted this one yellow to match my curtains and pillows in my living room.

The other 3 frames I hung on a wall in my living room. The opening on all 3 of these are 16x20 inches.
 They still need painted and family photos put in them.
That will happen soon!  :) I had to get my husband's help hanging them while he offered because otherwise I'm not sure when they would've been hung up!!  :) :)
My plan is to paint them black and put family photos in them, which I had printed at Costco. I had them printed as poster prints 16x20 inches for only $6.99 each!
A great deal if you ask me! I'll use foam board to back the posters and the frames will be glass free.
I'm excited to finish this project soon because I think the poster prints turned out AWESOME and will make a great statement in my living room.
Happy crafting all!

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