Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Dishes...for me!

Hi all! 
Today I'm sharing with you some new serving dishes I picked up for myself! 

I am in LOVE!
I know silly,  right?!
I already have white dishes that my family uses everyday, and then while shopping at Marshalls and Home Goods I came across these white serving dishes.

I ended up picking up 4 serving bowls (in 2 different sizes), 1 platter, and 1 pitcher.  I also got some yellow cloth napkins that will fit perfectly with the yellow I'm slowly bringing into my home.  :)

After setting my table to see how everything looks and fits on the table, I think I'll be doing buffet style serving so that there is more room on the table to move (and have company too). 

Later this summer on my to-do list is to plank to top of my kitchen table and stain it. I think once that is complete the yellow napkins will 'pop' and really make a statement! :)

I'm also working on making some placemats and napkin rings to tie everything together!

So far my family has enjoyed using our new dishes and our olden days cloth napkins (as my kindergardner knows all about,  some how! "Mom, in the olden days they used napkins like this, right?" "Yup they sure did and we'll be using them too at our dinner table.").
Haha! It was so cute to hear the kids talk so much about these napkins that I didn't think they would even notice!  :) 

I'll keep ya all posted on any other kitchen decor that happens.  :)

Happy crafting!  

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