Friday, January 15, 2016

Binding a King Quilt-A First!

Hi all! 
Today I'm sharing with you a king quilt I bound. 

My friend asked me to bind a king quilt she made for her king bed.  She's quilted before, but has never done binding.  I'm actually not sure how she's bound the quilts she's made in the past. 

So onto the binding....

She brought the fabric over to me and she didn't have enough of one kind by itself, so together we decided on a scrappy binding using two fabrics from her quilt top. 

Here is the binding all ready to attach to the quilt. 

Attaching the binding.....

All ready for some hand sewing! 

The PRETTY binding all DONE! 

Ahhhh....a hand sewn binding looks so so pretty! 

The finished product! I finished this one just in time for Christmas and it was all delivered and on her bed by then too!

She was so so EXCITED that her quilt was FINALLY DONE! She began working on this quilt in the summer of 2014, so after a year and a half she was more than ready to have this colorful, handmade, king quilt on her bed. 

Happy sewing!

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