Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Quilting Practice

Hi all!
Today I'm sharing with you some quilting practice.

When I first started quilting I read online a lot to make quilt sandwiches and practice LOTS!

I always thought I didn't want to 'waste' any fabric or batting. Well the other day I decided I should use some of my lower quality fabric and sew together some scraps of batting so that's just what I did!

I made some 10 by 10 inch squares and practiced some quilting methods using my walking foot that I'd be admiring by quilters for a long time!

After I quilted each square (quilt sandwich) I labeled the front with the stitch length used, distance from the presser foot used, stitch used, and the name of the method.

When I was first quilting these up I thought I'd turn them into mug rugs or just throw them away, but then I decided I needed to label them and keep them to reference when I am deciding how to quilt my quilts.

As of now I'm not able to 'free motion quilt' because I can't lower my feed dogs, so I wanted to experiment quilting with my walking foot. I had a TON of fun creating these quilt sandwiches and practicing my quilting!

Happy sewing all!

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