Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fit for a Princess!

Hi All!
Today I'm sharing with you a princess crown and wand I made for my little gal.
I got all the ideas from Pinterest and then made them up as I went by using what supplies I had on hand.

Here is the wand. I just used a wooden dowel for the stick part of the wand and put interfacing on the star part to make it stiff and not bend.

This is where I got the idea.

I also used interfacing on the crown, two layers of it and two layers of fabric.

This is where I got the idea.

For the back of the crown I just measured my gal's head and used elastic to hold it onto her head.

I think these turned out cute and just perfect for the little gal to play Princess all...... day..... Long!

Happy crafting!

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