Friday, March 27, 2015

Flower Car Seat Cover

Hi all!
Today I'm sharing a car seat cover I made. This will be added to my baby gift stash.
I used fabric from Joann's.

Years ago I found a tutorial online to make this cover. I don't have that reference today. :(
To make this I used about one yard of fabric for the top side (flower side) and one yard of fabric for the back side (solid pink side).
I cut 2 handles from each fabric 4.5 inches x 9 inches. I cut the handles from the yardage. So I bought a yard of each fabric and once I got home I cut the handles from each yard. Hope that makes sense.
Then I sewed the yard right side together, turn right sides out and top stitched. I did the same for each handle.
I added a small piece of Velcro to the handles for a closure.

I have always enjoyed using these car seat covers with my babies! This was quick to put together and I think will make a nice gift.
Happy sewing!!

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