Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Building a baby gift stash

Hi all! Today I am sharing with you my idea of building a baby gift stash.
It seems everyone around me is having babies, so I decided to build a stash of gifts so I have some on hand when all the babies arrive!

First shown is a stack of thank you cards I made for the new mom to be. I think thank you cards are always very much needed and put to good use.

For these cards I created a simple card. I used patterned paper for the card base and stamped thank you and tied a piece of twine onto the stamped thank you piece of paper to create a tag like look.

Next up is a stack of flannel blankets. I just bought some flannel at Joanns and sergered around the edges of the flannel. I think these will make great receiving blankets to swaddle a new baby in. 

Also shown in the picture are some diaper clutches I made that will hold a couple of diapers and wipes. They are in the center of this picture. I found this idea on pinterest.

All I did was take a piece of fabric about 8x18 inches and folded the two short ends in about 1/2 inch and ironed, then folded the long edges in to meet in middle and then once in the middle folded on the middle crease line and pressed with the iron. Once this was all done it was three layers of fabric all folded up, then sewed down all the edges. Hope this make sense. I'm sure you can find it on pinterest.

Then I added some Velcro so it can be wrapped around the wipes and diapers and secured with Velcro. (the Velcro piece was 4 inches) Sew one piece of Velcro to either side of the clutch so that it can be closed. The button on top is decorative only.

I think this wipe clutch will be nice to use when you're wanting to toss some diapers in your purse and go!

I have enjoyed making all these baby items, and now I have a stash of baby gifts and won't feel rushed to make a gift.  :)

Good luck on building your own baby stash if you feel up to the challenge!!  :)

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  1. I love the cards that you made me I used them all and thought they were absolutely adorable thank you I also have received several of the blanket similar to the one in your post I use them the most by far they are the best ones! Kendra king


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