Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DIY Hand painted wood signs

Hi guys! I have to tell you I've been having a TON of fun hand painting!
Just look at these cute signs!!!!
There are a lot of tutorials on PINTEREST to make your own hand painted signs, go check them out!
In a nut shell here is how you make them.
1. Print out what you want to paint onto your board.
2.On the back of the print out shade over the print with a pencil.
3.Flip it back over and place on your board.
4.Outline your letters using a pen and then an outline will be left on your board.
4.Paint inside of these lines to get your saying onto the board.
5. Then you are DONE!
THIS TUTORIAL is the BEST one in my opinion! Go check it out, you'll be happy you did!

How AWESOME are these signs?
I still need to frame them all and once I do I'll be sure to share!
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Happy crafting!

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