Monday, September 25, 2017

My Monday Ramblings #7

Hey guys!
How are you all doing?! Are you enjoying this nice fall weather we've been having?
 I sure have!!!
So now that the kiddos are back in school I'm getting back into a routine....a routine that works for me!
I want to chat about house cleaning and how I stay on top of it (most of the time). I don't have a particular day that I clean because I'm home most of the time. What I find that works for me is to pick up the house daily that way it doesn't get too dirty or out of hand.
Here is the break down of what I do.
On the daily:
  1. I do the dishes (empty the sink at night before I go to bed & I hand wash if necessary)
  2. I wipe down the kitchen table and counter tops
  3. I sweep the kitchen floor
  4. I clear off the bathroom counter (at night before bed, for some reason EVERYONE (but me) leaves this place a mess)
  5. I pick up the living room and get stuff out of there that doesn't belong (I fold the blankets and put the pillows back on the couches)
  6. I make all the beds every morning
Once a week:
  1. I clean the bathroom
  2. I change the sheets on all the beds
  3. I sweep all the floors, mop, and vacuum
  4. I do laundry and try to get most of it done in one day (I really like this because I don't like to have to do laundry EVERYDAY)
  5. I help my kids clean their room
  6. I go through all the school papers my kids bring home and toss what is not needed
  7. And I look over my to-do list weekly (because I LOVE a to-do list) and see what progress I have made and usually add to my list
Every two weeks:
  1. I wash the bathroom rugs
  2. Sometimes the bed sheets only get changed every two weeks  :(
Once a month:
  1. I dust the house
  2. I wash all the bedding (blankets/quilts)
  3. I wash the mudroom/laundry room rug
  4. I clear off all the junk that has been piled on top of my dresser
Did I forget anything??
Things that get cleaned whenever I feel I have extra time, although I try and clean these items several times a year:
window seals
blankets/quilts in the living room
ceiling fans
outside of cupboards
vacuuming the couches
cleaning the washing machine
Well now that I've chatted about all this cleaning, who wants to clean?! Haha!! Not me!
Have a great day and thanks for reading this long, very long post! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Baby half square triangle quilt

Hi guys!
I have a baby quilt to share with you today!
And I am soooo happy with how this quilt turned out!
I decided to make a half square triangle quilt because I saw so many on pinterest that I LOVED!

This layout was super easy to do, mixing and turning all the blocks.
My first quilt on my new farmhouse table top! You can check out my table HERE.

I used minky fabric on the back that I got at JoAnns.
I went with straight line quilting 1/4 inch from each seam line. And I did a scrappy binding using left over fabric from the front of the quilt minus the white fabric.

I just LOVE how this quilt turned out!!!
I made this one quilt for my winter baby and will use if for a boy or girl (we're not finding out what baby's gender is).
Quilt Stats:
Finished: 38 by 39 inches
Fabric: Yellow and aqua fabric from a quilt shop, greys and white from JoAnns.
Quilting: Done by ME! Straight line quilting.
Pattern: Half square triangles...inspiration found on Pinterest.
Happy sewing all!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Close to my Heart SEPTEMBER SOTM

Hi guys!
For the month of September Close to my Heart has a new stamp set special!
This set is $5 with a $50 purchase or $17.95 retail. Just look at how fun this set is!!!!
If you follow me on instagram then you know I've already been crafting with this set, and I am LOVING it!
September SOTM
You can shop on my website HERE
Be sure to check out me on instagram @dressesandspurs.
Happy crafting!