Monday, October 28, 2019

DIY farmhouse books part 2

HI guys!!

I showed a set of DIY farmhouse books that I made earlier this month with you here on the blog, and now I have MORE to show you!!

I have loved making these books. 

I really like how you can customize these books with any saying you like for a specific area in your home.

I also like the touch of green the lambs ear adds. 

What do you think about farmhouse books? Do you like them?

I am adding these farmhouse book sets to my little business shop. Check me out on Instagram to see all of the custom farmhouse décor I make and sell. :)

Happy crafting! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

DIY dining table turned coffee table

Hi guys!

I have a table makeover I want to share with you.

 I bought this round oak dining table used. It was in need a makeover, so here is what I did. 



I took apart the table, gave everything a nice cleaning, and then I cut the base down to the height I thought would be a good coffee table height. 

Then I re-assembled the table, painted it with 3 coats of semi gloss white interior paint, and one coat of water based poly. 

After I moved it into my livingroom it was too tall, so I had to take it apart and cut the table base down a bit more. Then I put it back together and moved it into my livingroom. 

I love this addition to my livingroom. The table base ended up being 17 inches tall and the table top added another 3 inches, so 21 inches tall total. 

How perfect is this in my livingroom?!?!

I have been loving white lately. ;) And this table really helps brighten up our livingroom. 

Happy crafting all! 

Monday, October 21, 2019

My Monday Ramblings

Hi guys! 

It's been a while since I've shared my ramblings with you. :)

I'm curious, do you decorate for fall? Or for holidays or seasons?

 I do and have for as long as I can remember. I really enjoy décor and adding little touches of the seasons/holidays to my home and porch. I try to decorate using items that I have at my house or by spending a little bit of money to decorate. 

Often times I repurpose items that I have at my home or I find used items to buy for a couple of bucks. 

I find that if I look for used items, I can find them. Yes it takes time and is a little more work than buying new, but it saves me a lot of money. 

Right now one of my projects that I'm working on is decorating my porch for fall. We got a ton of pumpkins from a local pumpkin farm where you pick your own pumpkins, and so far that is all I have bought. 

I'd like to find some mums and added them to the porch as well. 

Look at all those PUMPKINS!!!!

It was only $15 for the wagon full of pumpkins and I even had some to put on my back porch. I can't wait to add some mums! :)

Happy fall all!