Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Planners Gonna Plan!

Hi guys!
I'm sharing another one of my FAVORITES!
Planners gonna plan, right?! So I got a NEW planner! Close to my Heart has this AWESOME planner bundle that I really LOVE!
And I want to share it with YOU!
This planner has coloring pages, a monthly calendar layouts, weekly layouts, and a clear zip pocket for storage.
So far for the NEW year I've been using this planner daily and I LOVE IT!  I hope I am able to stay more organized for 2017!
LOVE this planner? Want one of your OWN?
You can order here on my website:

This planner comes in two patterns to suit your style! :)

I hope you all are crafting away and enjoying paper crafting month with me! :)

I LOVE for you to follow me!
You can shop my Close to my Heart website HERE
Happy crafting!

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