Monday, January 23, 2017

My Monday Ramblings...

Hi guys! It’s a NEW year and time for some NEW things to happen on the blog.
For starters I decided to have a new post topic called, “My Monday Ramblings." I’ll be posting randomly on Mondays and I’ll chat about anything! 

I’ve been thinking about talking budgeting on the blog, and since it’s a new year I thought it’s a great time to introduce it.
This year one of my goals is to be more on top of my grocery budget, and to actually stick to a cash only budget.  

So as of January 1 I decided that for my family we’ll spend $80 a week on groceries and $80 a month on one Costco trip, with the grand total for the grocery budget being $400.

Here’s the breakdown:

Week 1: $80

Week 2: $80

Week 3: $80

Week 4: $80

One Costco trip a month: $80


A further look into how I’ll manage our weekly grocery budget

I will take $400 out of the bank at the beginning of the month for groceries.

I’ll label envelopes (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, Costco) and divide the cash between the five envelopes with the amounts stated above.

At the beginning of the month I will make one trip to Costco, and each week I will grocery shop.

How will I keep cost down and stick to my cash budget?

In order to stick to my budget I'll shop the ads. Each week I'll read through the ads and write down any items we use and its selling price along with what store the item is on sale at.
After I do this I'll write up a dinner menu for my family.
Next I'll look in my cupboards and fridge to see what we need (or we're low on), and I'll add those items to my list.
I'll also add anything else to my list that I’ll need to make the meals that are one my menu for that current week.
Lastly I'll add any items we’ll need for breakfasts and lunches since we try to eat all our meals at home.
The one thing I do to save money
We eat at HOME! This is the biggest thing we do to save money.
I'll check back in a few weeks and let you know how this new budget thing is going! AND we'll talk weekly dinner menus.

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