Friday, September 9, 2016

Flat Friday #5

Hi all!
Today I'm sharing with you a Flat Friday card made using the jeepers creepers paper.
The word strips are from the 'zip strip' that is found on the edge of the paper. This is the edge that people usually cut off and toss, but it's printed for you to use. BONUS!!!

In the jeepers creepers paper pack there are two sheets of paper that have these pre-printed cards for you to cut up and use on either cards or in pocket scrapbooking. Also, these cards come vertical and horizontal, so if you were to flip the above card over (before gluing down of course) it would be horizontal. Pretty awesome, right?!
Since this card was just cut from one sheet of paper it was super easy to make and quick!
Supplies used:
Jeepers creepers paper
Black ink pad (to ink the edges of the paper)
You can shop my website HERE
Happy crafting!

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