Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Bathroom Shelf & Towel Hooks

Hi all!
Today I'm sharing with you a shelf and towel hook rack I made.

This is a total DIY that was super easy! I got inspiration from pinterest and then came up with the plans and measurements to fit my space which happens to be my bathroom.

For the shelf I simply took a 1x6 board (this is the board that is mounted to the wall) and then used a 2x4 for the shelf part. The 2x4 is attached to the 1x6 from the back side with screws. I pre-drilled all screw holes to ensure the boards would not split.

To hang the shelf on the wall I just found my studs and then screwed the shelf to the wall from the front. The screws are exposed, but I am okay with that.

For the towel hooks I took a 1x4 board and attached some hooks I found at Lowes. I then attached this to the wall screwing the screws from the front which means these screws are also exposed.

All of the boards were sanded and stained using dark walnut stain by Minwax.

My d├ęcor came from Hobby Lobby and the plants came from Ikea.

Happy crafting!

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