Friday, May 6, 2016

Stripes Quilt-A Finished Quilt!

Hi all! 
Today I'm sharing with you a finished quilt!
I posted about this quilt Here.

I got this quilt back from the quilters a week or two ago and I have it all bound and done! I ended up piecing the back because I didn't have enough orange fabric, so I used what I in my stash. :)

The yellow's a plaid fabric from Joanns. 

Here it is all wrapped up! I just saw this idea, the idea to tie a scrap of fabric  around the quilt for wrapping.  I really like this wrapping idea. :) I'll be using it again! 

This quilt has already been gifted to my friend Genni and she LOVES it! She's a quilter too and really appreciated getting a quilt from me. I've known this gal since the 5th grade!  Can you believe that? !
It's great we've been able to keep in touch all these years with moves and babies and such...all without social media!!!!! 

Anyhow she loved the quilt and I'm glad this one is a finish, finally (The quilt top was finished back in February 2015)!

Finished: 70x80 inches
Quilted: By Melissa at Sew shabby quilting
Fabric: Floral print by Joel Dewberry, and all other fabric from Joanns. 
Pattern: By me...I just sketched it out before I cut all the strips. 

Happy sewing!  

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  1. Now this is an interesting quilt! I love the simplicity and that pieced backing. I've begun making pieced backing more and more and find it's one way to use fabrics that I'm not very fond of anymore. Yours, however, uses up fabric that I love. Honestly, it makes the quilt reversible.
    As for the tie on the rolled quilt...very smart!


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