Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Princess & Firefighter

Hi all!
Today I have some tablet stands and coasters to share with you.
From my fabric stash I was able to create these.
I made one of each for my gal and for my guy.

You can find the tutorial for the tablet stand here:

My kids have loved their tablet stands and use them to hold everything!

The reason behind the coasters is that my kids like to put ice in their drinks and the cups sweat all over the tables and counters, so now that I've made the coasters I've asked them to keep their cups on the coasters.
Which in turn they do because they love their own personalized coaster and think it's something fun to have!

Happy sewing!

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  1. I saw a link for those tablet stands just recently, and look at you, you've already made 2!!! They look super handy, and really cute in your fabrics! and the coasters! who wouldn't love their own, just for me coaster! Good job Mom! :)


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