Friday, June 26, 2015

Throw pillow tutorial

Hi All!
Today I'm sharing with you a throw pillow tutorial.
I was making pillows for my living room and decided I would do a little tutorial for you all.
I am always making throw pillow covers and love how EASY they are to make and how BIG of an impact they have on my décor.

To begin: Cut one piece of fabric 1 inch larger all the way around than your pillow form (this will be the front of your pillow).  ***For example my pillow form is 12 x 12 inches so my piece of front fabric was cut at 13 x 13 inches.
Next: Cut 2 backing pieces of fabric (this will become the envelope part of your pillow, that way you can remove the cover for washing).
When cutting these cut the same height of the pillow from above by width from above minus 4 inches.  Cut 2 pieces the same size.
***For example my height is 13 inches from above and to get the width I'll take the 13 inches from above minus 4 inches=9 inches. So I will cut 2 pieces 13 x 9 inches.
Next: Take your 2 backing pieces and on the width side fold over once, then again and press with an iron. This is going to enclose all the edges that may fray.  Do this to both pieces.
Next sew 1/4 inch from the folded side all the way down to create a hem. Do this to both pieces.
After you create this hem your pieces could measure 13 x 8.5 inches  ish. I tend to make my envelope back overlapping a ton just so I don't end up with the pillow form showing out the back side.

Next lay the front of your pillow fabric right side up.

Then right sides together put your backing piece on top of the pillow front with the hemmed seam towards the middle (this seam will not be exact middle, just put it towards the middle rather than towards the outside of the pillow).

With your second backing piece do the same thing on the opposite side of the pillow front with the middle hemmed seams over lapping.
Next sew 1/4 inch all the way around the pillow.
Then set your stitch to the zig zag setting and sew all the way around the pillow closest to the edge on the outside of the 1/4 inch seam.
Clip your threads, turn right side out, put your pillow form in, and you're DONE!

Enjoy your new throw pillow!      FRONT view

BACK view
Happy sewing!!

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